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January 29, 2021

Here in the new office, aka our living room at home, we spend a great deal of time imagining what a perfect Internet Service Provider would look like. After many months of strategic planning, countless focus groups, endless video chats, and obsessive pondering, we realized something truly profound. It’s all about quality communication – pun intended – so we’ve decided to emphasize transparency with everything we do.

Our competitors are notorious for adding surprise increases to their bills with no explanation whatsoever. The irony is that as an ISP, they literally own a communication infrastructure; there is absolutely no excuse for this behavior. You may have seen an increase of $5 on your recent credit card receipt. Unlike our competitors, we think you deserve an explanation.

This past year we have seen an enormous increase in overall traffic on our network. As more and more customers transition to working from home, average Internet usage has gone up by more than 40% per household when compared to this time last year. We have maintained our pricing for every single one of our customers since 2009, which means that if you signed up 12 years ago at $29/month, you are still paying $29/month today. Whether you’ve been a customer for a decade or you’re brand new to Zentro, we apologize for raising your price, but our commitment to you is that we will not increase your rate for at least the next two years.

Now, for some good news! We firmly believe a price increase should come with additional benefits to our customers, so as part of this $5 increase, you will be grandfathered into our newly updated Technical Support Program, which now includes full service remote support for all wired and wireless devices. If you reach out to us, we will help you with any and all of your smart home technologies – from your wireless fridge and lighting system to your smart TV and connected fitness equipment. As more and more devices connect to the Internet, your home network becomes increasingly complicated; our expertly trained technicians are ready to help.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have expanded investment into our Gigabit network, to ensure – and improve – the reliability of your Internet service. We will continue to do so, as we maintain Chicago’s leading independent Internet infrastructure. We greatly appreciate your business, we value you, and we are here to support you. If you would like to provide feedback, please click here. We welcome your thoughts.

Thank you for supporting local business and for being a continued Zentro customer! Be safe.

For Technical Support Call 312.361.0052