The Zentro Experience

Our superior microwave technology system eliminates many of the disruption points common to traditional internet delivery systems, allowing for soul-soothingly fast performance and serenity-inspiring uptime. Customers enjoy exceedingly fast speeds with unbeatable reliability for a peaceful, easy streaming experience. You’ll rarely, if ever, wonder whether you’re connected because more than 99.99% of the time you are. Which is the way it should be.


Enlightening Fast Facts

2 Gigabit Speed

UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD (We deliver what we sell!)



100,000+ Users




No Contracts



Uncommonly Responsive Customer Support

From the start, we wanted to fix an issue common to internet companies: painfully bad customer service. We said ‘no’ to labyrinthian phone menus and agonizing hold queues and made it simple: You call, we answer.

Yep…a REAL person picks up. And right away, typically in 20 seconds or less. Time us if you want – we dare you! The truth is, most customers will never need to call us for support, which is too bad because we think everyone should experience it. Just rest assured that if you do need help, our ridiculously quick service pros will have you feeling ‘dot calm’ again in no time.

If you are more of a DIY’er, head over to our support hub to get help or have tech tips at your fingertips.

Why Go Zentro?

Zentro is among the nation’s fastest-growing internet service providers, and among the highest ranked for overall service and satisfaction – for good reason. We weren’t content with the status quo, so we invested in a better way to get and keep people online.

Enlightening Fast!
Bask in the uninhibited glory of streaming speeds up to 2 Gigabits — without data caps, throttling, or slowdowns.
A Better Network, Better Working
With our proprietary network design, you get priority access to Netflix, Amazon, and many other services…in the fast lane!
Real People, Real Quick
Surf and stream assured with uncommonly responsive, local support 24/7. You call, we answer. It’s that simple.
More Security, More Serenity
Revel in absolute peace of mind knowing your privacy, personal data, and internet activity are all protected.

Even More Convenience, Even More Control

Manage virtually every aspect of your internet service with just a few taps in the completely FREE Zentro app. It’s the power you’ve always wanted but never knew you could have. Wield it responsibly, internet warrior.
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Job Shopping? Become a Zentro Pro!

If you’re driven like we are and have an entrepreneurial spirit, let’s connect! Join the Zentro family and help us provide an even better internet experience for people in your area.
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A History of Zen

Still Not Feeling Zen?

Let our CEO know.

Contact Dave Dobbin at and let’s get things worked out.

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