Unmatched business support.

When we started Zentro two decades ago, we knew we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to give our customers the level of support not yet seen in an internet service provider. With Zentro, you’ll enjoy speaking with local, knowledgeable support technicians quickly when you call us. We’ll go out of our way to address any concerns you have, and will work with you to ensure that your internet service meets the ongoing needs of your business.


Support teams in Chicago and Milwaukee

Zentro has support teams in both Chicago and Milwaukee. Having local offices allows us to support our clients quickly, gives us a better understanding of their needs, and ensures that we are providing the best service.

“we couldn’t be happier. We have wonderful, reliable service, a great relationship with the provider, and it’s a dream to have someone answer the phone when we need support. Thanks, Zentro!” - Mame McCully Milwaukee County Historical Society