Chicago’s Top Incubators and Accelerators for Startups

In the entrepreneurial world, there’s more to business than having an idea and finding cooperative employees. Startups need mentorship, guidance, and specialized navigation to propel their economic growth. Just like with consulting firms for big corporations, startup incubators and accelerators are separate ventures that aid in a new organization’s growth and prosperity. 

In Chicago, local accelerators offer services to new startups for professional advisory and necessary resources. If you need guidance boosting your current midwestern enterprise, look no further than this list of top incubators and accelerators in the area.  


1871 is a Chicago-based incubator that directs new tech companies toward growth while finding them a functional support network. With its diverse programs and curated plans, this incubator can bolster inchoate organizations to reach their maximum potential. 

Early-stage members gain beneficial resources like weekly workshops, shareouts, and imperative business information for startup development. 1871 has live events, too, with influential business leaders and mentors for direct communication and interactive learning. 

This incubator is highly invested in community building, especially with its BLKTech Founders program. The 12-week program is specifically tailored to Black entrepreneurs embarking on their tech-startup journey. Both spring and summer semesters will include uniquely tailored resources and courses with peer-led discussions to build confidence in an inequitable market. 

Cleveland Avenue

As a short-term accelerator, Cleveland Avenue can do wonders for startups entering the food or tech industry. Its research facility in downtown Chicago has already explored the latest culinary concepts and technologies to boost your upcoming enterprise. 

Cleveland Avenue’s primary focus is the food and beverage world and how recent innovation can propel a restaurant or food service forward. The acceleration programs utilize a team of specialists to drive concept growth and streamline economic success. This accelerator completes its programs within three months, ensuring new startups find resources and profitability quickly. 

Cleveland Avenue also invests in Chicago’s west and southside communities with its $70 million initiative, allocated explicitly to Black and Latino entrepreneurs. Both company founders grew up in Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood, which has informed their investment focus on marginalized areas of the city. 


mHUB Chicago is a unique incubator focused on developing physical technologies to change the world. With its prototyping lab and nationwide partnerships, this organization is ready to aid local businesses in their innovative quest. 

mHUB’s research team is unparalleled. New startups can outsource their tech development to mHUB’s talented manufacturing group, allowing fresh entrepreneurs to focus on other necessary sectors. The team comprises more than 500 engineers and designers ready to construct your prototype. 

This company’s acceleration program lasts six months, including product development, commercialization, and industry resources. Aside from exclusive access to million-dollar equipment in its prototyping labs, mHUB offers more than 50 workshops and 18 months of follow-up support to ensure your startup receives all the necessary assistance for success. 

Nemera Insight 

For startups that combine healthcare innovation with technology, Nemera Insight is the premier incubator for scientific advancement. The group takes an outcome-based approach to developing products and guides startups through the convoluted healthcare industry.

Nemera Insight uses specific design strategies to meet your startup’s medical aspirations and goals. The organization collaborates with its clients to correctly identify user-driven opportunities while constructing concise innovation planning. Nemera also aids in conceptualizing products, allowing entrepreneurs to test their ideas through a team of experienced healthcare individuals. The incubation program will also provide peer evaluation and qualitative feedback to ensure your service or product is on the right track. 

Nemera Insight provides complete prototyping and testing for each startup venture. This organization can review your design, point out potential construction flaws, and provide qualified engineers to help conceptualize and build your state-of-the-art product. 

Final Thoughts On Chicago-Based Incubators

Finding your footing in the entrepreneurial world is a challenging feat. With countless startups and rudimentary businesses flooding the market, ensuring your company finds its niche market is troublesome without guidance or individualized resources. With these incubators and accelerators, you’ll be able to find immediate solutions to product issues and development impediments. Whether you’re looking for direct communication with an experienced, tech-savvy team or need a physical prototype from an advanced laboratory, these Chicago-based incubators will fulfill any enterprising necessity.