Coolest New Tech Products from CES 2021

Speaking as someone who recently updated their ancient phone to the luxurious iPhone 11, I have to say I’m fully impressed by 21st-century innovation.  Even during a pandemic, technology hasn’t ceased transforming.  From the imminent reality of AI to unbelievable green tech, there’s no limit for these engineers.  

At this year’s digital CES, we got a sneak peek at the newest innovations for 2021.  For anyone who isn’t familiar, CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show.  The show brings manufacturers, businesses, developers, and tech pioneers together to showcase consumer tech and discuss relevant topics.   

If you’re like me, you’re not constantly up-to-date in the newest technological trends.  CES had hundreds of advanced products, but I’ve compiled a few of the coolest from the 2021 showcase.  

Samsung Solar-Power Remote

With the Green New Deal at the forefront of American’s mind, climate change is increasingly more of a household conversation.  This means that more companies have started innovating towards a greener planet, which is fantastic.  Samsung is no different with their TV remote that’s solar-charged.

No batteries are necessary for this weightless piece of recycled plastic.  It charges with both indoor and outdoor light and has a USB port if it needs additional charging.  This move proves Samsung is investing in making products that run on green energy.  

The product is not available to the public yet, but you can learn more about the remote here:

Nobi Fall-Sensing Lamp

Senior citizens have been one of the most isolated, at-risk demographics during this pandemic.  With the sensational lamp “Nobi,” you’ll get a device with state-of-the-art detection technology.

Disguised as an ordinary ceiling fan, this fixture monitors movement and can assess various trouble.  Its goal is to create a safer environment for seniors by notifying help when it detects someone has fallen.  The fan is loaded with special sensors to accurately tell the difference between regular movement and a nasty fall.  Fall-sensing is the type of technology we need in the future: helping older citizens feel safe and protected while in their homes.  

Check out more about Nobi here: 

Kohler Touchless Toilet 

I have to admit; I didn’t think there was much we need to change about toilets. But with Kohler’s Touchless Toilet, I’ve come to my senses.  An advanced, autonomous toilet is what the future needs and deserves. 

The bathroom is full of unwanted bacteria, so taking a less hands-on approach to a toilet is a pragmatic decision.  This Touchless Toilet has a “magic handle” that sensors hand movement to flush.  It also comes with its own remote, auto opening and closing, LED lighting, a heating option, and more.  

My toilet fails in comparison to this sentient, high-tech creation.  Though undeniably pricey, this tech might shortly appear in every home’s powder room. 

Check out more about Kohler’s Touchless Toilet here:

Cadillac eVTOL 

Isn’t the future supposed to have flying cars?  Well, apparently, a design for one was featured at this year’s CES.  General Motors showcased their wildest invention yet: a Cadillac air taxi.  The Cadillac eVTOL, resembling a flying machine straight from Wakanda, is battery-powered and ready to take flight. 

The Cadillac air taxi is General Motor’s first vehicle with aerial mobility.  The battery power can accelerate the taxi to around 56 mph.  But, it may take years before you’ll be seeing this vehicle on your local freeway.  The company hasn’t released a prototype yet, meaning these plans are only conceptual at the moment.  But with greener, electrical energy advancing, driveable hovercrafts are closer to reality than you might think.  

See the digital prototype here:

Touchless Video Doorbell 

In the future, doorbells aren’t just obsolete decorations.  This pandemic-inspired contraption uses a camera to make ringing your neighbors even easier.  

This doorbell from, has a video component that notices you when standing outside.  There’s an audio function as well, so you can talk through it while remaining contactless.  Keeping germs off doorbells, and other commonly touched surfaces, are an innovative way to contain an infectious spread.          

Find out more about this no-contact doorbell here:

Those are some of the coolest, game-changing technology 2021 has to offer.  Though some products aren’t available yet, the advancement showcased at CES this year is mind-blowing, to say the least.  Even under the threat of a pandemic, humans have made incredible strides in technology.