Exercise At Home: Our Favorite Streaming Fitness Options

Trying to get the most out of our home in quarantine can be frustrating and extremely limiting. Our abode has become an office, a studio, a meditation space, and a gym all in one. Figuring out how to make enough space for exercise is an issue that’s perplexed even the best problem solvers. If running outside in the winter or being around other people is a cause for concern, here are some wonderful streaming tips for great indoor fitness.

Dance Church

Dancing is one of my favorite things I’ve been missing in quarantine. Going to see a show or venturing out to a club is something most of us haven’t done since the beginning of the pandemic. Though dancing in the mirror or around your apartment can be a likely alternative, it often misses the viable ambiance. Dance Church can add some structure and energy to your movements with the enthusiasm we’ve been lacking.

Started in 2011, Dance Church offers Wednesday and Sunday classes for people of all dancing levels. Each course has different instructors, with multiple genres and styles to try. COVID doesn’t have to eliminate your weekly dance parties; with the ability to stream the exercises on your computer or TV, you can turn your home into a private club. Self-consciousness is a feeling of the past with this exclusive fitness alternative.

Check out the website and weekly schedule at their website:

Online Yoga

The simplest form of exercise to do at home has to be yoga. With minimal requirements, this ancient form of movement is our most accessible tool indoors. Though many of us aren’t venturing out to our local Yoga studio, there is an ample amount of instructors around the web to give some comprehensive guidance.

Yoga With Adrienne

The most revered instructor in my household is the calming, charismatic Adrienne. I will often see her face first thing in the morning as I pass the living room, where a roommate or two is streaming her class. With an enormous catalog of videos, it’s easy to see why she’s the primary instructor for many Yoga fans.

Yoga for Adrienne has material for beginners, experienced folks, or particular healing journeys. She has single, short videos available and consecutive playlists for those requiring more structure. There are even specific Yoga instructions for anxiety and stress as well. Yoga with Adrienne has a wide range of topics to choose from, making it a great start for remote exercise.

Check out her videos here:

Good Body Feel

If you’re looking for fitness that’s centered around internal feeling and body awareness, Good Body Feel is the right place to start. A Canadian studio founded by Robin Lacambra, their practices involve connecting Yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness.

Tapping into their new virtual studio, viewers can experience multiple instructors sharing guided practices involving interconnectedness and care. A focus on trauma, anti-oppression, and community involves a unique perspective from most Yoga classes. With daily courses operating on a sliding scale, Good Body Feel is an unmatched workout for both inner and outer contemplations.

Find instructors and courses at their website:

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness is just as fun as the name implies. Streaming on the reliable Youtube, these free fitness classes explore an extensive range of techniques and workouts.
If you’ve been struggling maintaining the fitness aspects of your normal life, taking a look through Popsugar’s catalog might inspire you to get back on track. Ab workouts, dance classes, and cardio are just a few of the specific classes you can choose from. Reminiscent of vintage workout tapes, these charismatic instructors remind us of the fun in routine exercising.

If you’re pursuing a personal fitness plan or just browsing for something new, Popsugar has plenty videos to peruse for your indoor workouts.

You can check out their Youtube page with this link:

Daily Burn 365

Needing some structure in your fitness routine? Daily Burn 365 has some solutions to get you off the couch and working out.

Daily Burn 365’s most enticing program is their daily, thirty minute live-streamed course. Every morning at nine, you’ll have the opportunity to start the day with a personal workout in the comfort of your home. If the early morning doesn’t suit your schedule, each course becomes available on their website for the remainder of the day.

Their goal is to get us quarantined folk back into exercising and a healthy lifestyle. Each course also includes modification options, in case the workouts are too simple or frustrating. Though motivation can become harder as we stumble into winter, Daily Burn 365 offers a steady solution for your daily fitness needs.

Check out their website here:

Fitness can be hard to incorporate into our regular schedules, let alone in the midst of a pandemic. Youtube and free trials are available, though, for at-home approaches to reestablishing cardio and exercise. I know working up a sweat inside your apartment might not be your first option, but there’s plenty of enticing programs to change your mindset. Exercising at home can be fun and worth it with a little bit of time and the perfect virtual option.