Get Organized in 2023: 6 Best To-Do List and Task Management Apps

It’s common for us to make some kind of New Year’s resolution before the year ends. If you’re attempting to accomplish your proposed goals for 2023, some remarkable apps are out there to help you achieve your dreams. Here are some of the best task management apps to achieve your resolutions this coming year. 


For some, simply writing down goals is the easiest way to accomplish things on your to-do list. But for others, lists without deadlines can be a significant problem. TickTick is an excellent answer for those who have issues with procrastination. 

TickTick, aptly named after the sound of a ticking timer, helps attach limits and calendar dates to your proposed goals. An easy built-in timer called the Pomodoro Timer sets an automatic 25-minute session to help with immediate tasks that need urgent concentration. A habit-tracking feature also shows how you’re doing with new proposed goals like diet, exercise, or bedtime. 

TickTick is available for Androids and iPhones but also on your PC or Mac. 


Do you need extra help focusing on completing goals or fulfilling assignments? OmniFocus is a great place to start for electronically managing your time. 

In the app, you’ll be able to set up projects based on how urgently you need to finish them. It’ll also aid with organizing your tasks to separate work-related and personal goals. You can sort your assignments by the due date, tags, projects, and more. For those feeling too overwhelmed to focus, OmniFocus’s superb categorization features can help anyone dealing with rampant procrastination. 

Unfortunately, OmniFocus is only available for Apple users. The app has a 14-day free trial to test out its organization tools. 


Some folks need a fun incentive to get their to-do list in order. Habitica pairs gaming with creating goals to create an exciting new task management application. 

Using reliable gaming features, Habitica transforms the mundanity of structuring tasks into a more rewarding excursion. Upon completing things on their to-do list, users receive in-game currency that can be utilized virtually or in the real world. You can use e-currency to buy virtual apparel like outfits, hats, swords, or tangible items like snacks. 

There are also consequences for not finishing specific tasks by their due date. You might lose currency or take “damage” within the application if you don’t complete your assignments. The gaming structure and reward system could be the perfect fit to motivate you to achieve your 2023 goals. 

Google Tasks

For those who rely on Google Calendar, Google Tasks is the next best step to getting your tasks in order. 

Google Tasks, like the rest of Google Drive’s applications, is entirely free to use, making it an excellent choice for starting a to-do list. Google Tasks is easily accessible by the sidebar of Google Calendar. Once opening the tab, you’ll be able to assign due dates, sub-tasks, or additional comments to your calendar inputs. 

Google Tasks is a no-brainer for a to-do list manager if you’re always on Gmail or using Google Spreadsheets. 


Time blocking is a management tactic for people who need guidance in using their hours constructively. Sunsama is an intuitive application that specializes in creating the perfect time-blocking plan. 

In the main frame, you’ll be able to list your tasks by day. You’ll find a calendar in the app’s sidebar, where you can drag and drop your assignments to their respective dates. Upon opening the app, it’ll ask you what tasks you need to finish for the day and how long you expect them to take. With a few clicks of the keyboard, you’ll be able to construct your day perfectly.

After 14 free days, Sunsama’s package starts at $20 per month. 


HourStack is another great time-blocking app with a slightly different layout than Sunsama. Primarily if you operate as part of a team, this app is perfect for adding multiple users to accomplish your occupational to-do list quickly. 

Like other time management sites, you’ll start by constructing your week or day with tasks and how many hours or minutes you need to spend on them. You can then start the timer by clicking the “Start” button on a specific task, with no need to set up a separate deadline feature. A “Report” feature included in the app tracks your metrics, like how long you’ve been taking to complete each assignment. 

There are numerous management and goal-oriented applications on the market today. Finding the right one depends on your work structure, procrastination level, and focus. These six apps are a great place to start for tracking your New Year’s resolution journey and finding success in 2023.