Why Go Zentro?

Zentro is among the nation’s fastest-growing internet service providers, and among the highest ranked for overall service and satisfaction* – for good reason. We weren’t content with the status quo, so we invested in a better way to get and keep people online.

Enlightening Fast!
Bask in the uninhibited glory of streaming speeds up to 2 Gigabits — without data caps, throttling, or slowdowns.
A Better Network, Better Working
With our proprietary network design, you get priority access to Netflix, Amazon, and many other services…in the fast lane!
Real People, Real Quick
Surf and stream assured with uncommonly responsive, local support 24/7. You call, we answer. It’s that simple.
More Security, More Serenity
Revel in absolute peace of mind knowing your privacy, personal data, and internet activity are all protected.

Perfect For Your Home

  • No annual increases, no taxes or additional fees
  • Significantly faster than Cable & DSL
  • Flat-rate pricing with no contract
  • Plug and play means no modems
  • Fast, painless installation
  • In-suite Zentro Wi-Fi

Digital TV & Video

Looking for streaming nirvana? You can get all the TV you need and more by adding DIRECTV STREAM to your package.

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Dedicated, Localized Customer Support

Zentro is revolutionizing the service experience for internet customers. Because if we’ve learned one thing from being customers ourselves it’s that no one wants to sit on hold. Ever. So if you call, you’ll get a real person…not an automated system or service bot. Or, you can help yourself immediately with our service app, available for customers to download now. Hey…you’re paying for service, right? You should get it!

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