How to Create The Best Internet Speed For Gaming

For many of us, purchasing internet packages for our homes doesn’t require much thought: we buy the modem, set up the connection, and the rest is history. But for some, purchasing internet with the right speed and reliability is undeniably paramount. 

Live streamers and gamers have specific requirements for their perfect internet subscription. Here are some tips and recommendations for gamers on how to get the ideal package. 

Speed and Bandwidth  

If you’re using your internet for gaming, a higher speed efficiency is required for your connection to run smoothly. Anything between 15 to 20 Mpbs will work whether you’re using a computer or a gaming system to play.  

Purchasing an internet package with extra bandwidth is imperative if other members are in your household and rely on the same network. Multiple people streaming movies, texting, or downloading large files strain the WiFi’s reliability. 

Strategically Place Your Router

Now that you’ve picked the perfect WiFi for your gaming routine, it’s time to figure out the ideal placement for the modem. Things in your home, like big furniture, TV sets, and walls, will exacerbate latency problems, so ensure the modem is in an advantageous place. If your gaming system and television are in the living room, plug your modem nearby for optimum WiFi consistency. 

Another essential trick for the best internet access is elevating your modem. If the box is on the ground, your furniture could easily obstruct WiFi signals. Place the modem on a table or window ledge to give your WiFi the best possible route to your gaming system. 

Certain appliances could also provide obstacles to optimum WiFi usage. Microwaves and wireless speakers omit their own signals that can obfuscate your modem’s output. If you’re experiencing lag time from your router, try moving your modem to a room without those appliances. 

Exit Other Websites  

If your primary gaming system is the computer, there are plenty of tricks to prevent internet lagging. For those who keep many tabs on their internet browser, now’s the time to cancel out the sites that utilize the most data. Keeping websites like Netflix and Hulu up will decrease efficiency on your computer since streaming services need plenty of data and a solid connection to run. 

Disconnect Unused Devices 

Just like exiting out websites, disconnecting appliances will help free up data and space for your internet to run better. When multiple computers, phones, and speakers are all connected to the same WiFi, it’s a no-brainer that your modem’s signal will become weaker. To prevent lag time while gaming, unplug speakers and exit your laptop’s WiFi to increase your network’s reliability and latency. 

Use the Ethernet Cable 

If you’re not living alone, asking everyone to disconnect from the WiFi simultaneously could be difficult. Especially when your family members or roommates must use the internet, your gaming time might not be the most crucial thing for the household. This particular situation can be remedied by using an ethernet cable to connect to your gaming console. 

Like your modem, ethernet cables carry your WiFi’s broadband system through a room. Instead of releasing a signal into the general vicinity, an ethernet cable can transfer the internet from one device to another. If your WiFi is constantly being weighed down by other housemates utilizing the same network, you can purchase an ethernet cable to improve your gaming connection.  

Troubleshooting your WiFi connection doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity. All of these tips and tricks can significantly improve internet speeds for your gaming pleasure.