6 Best Coffee Shops to Work in Chicago With Free WiFi

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, many city dwellers have transitioned from their office life to a work-from-home routine. Though working from home makes certain activities easier, being in the house all day can make you feel stir-crazy or unfocused. Here’s where the coffee shop comes into play: cafés have become integral to people’s work-from-home lifestyle since they provide a necessary change of scenery and infinite caffeine for maximum productivity.

In a massive city like Chicago, there are hundreds of neighborhoods to live in, which makes finding the right coffee shop slightly more complicated. If you’re struggling to find a spot with free WiFi and a soothing ambiance, here is a list of quality shops for a stress-free workday. 

Wicker Park

Ipsento 606 

Right off Milwaukee Avenue lies a sophisticated and quaint coffee spot. Its bright interior and sleek bar are perfect for any espresso aficionado, but it’s the ample counter space and tables that make it an effective workspace. 

Ipsento’s menu always has something fun, flavorful, and seasonal for you to try. The cardamom rose, and lavender honey is perfect for getting in the autumn mood. Ipsento also has all the classic espresso drinks like red eyes, cappuccinos, cortados, and americanos. 

This quaint coffee shop lining Wicker Park’s iconic 606 is exceptional for completing a day’s worth of work. The free Wi-Fi is flowing at Ipsento just as much as the coffee. 


If you’re around the six corners in Wicker Park, you’re likely shopping for new clothes or checking out many record shops. But this neighborhood is also a great place to get some needed work done. Stepping into the Wormhole, you’ll find a quirky café equipped with excellent coffee beverages, free internet, and 80s-themed wall art. 

The Wormhole is most known for its wacky, anachronistic furnishings, like an actual DeLorean that’s stationed in the back of the shop. The walls of the café are filled with vintage movie posters and Gremlins memorabilia, making every guest feel like they just entered a time machine. Though Wormhole gets an A+ for its aesthetic, it also becomes a studious environment during the day, with many patrons working quietly at the bar or the communal tables. Before you embark on your Wicker Park shopping spree, try this café out for a focused environment and delicious beverages. 



There are too many coffee shops in Boystown to count, but one of the most popular is the Intelligentsia café on Broadway Avenue. Its long marble bar and ample seating will impress any coffee enthusiast. 

The baristas at Intelligentsia undergo rigorous training before presenting you with cappuccinos and lattes, so each beverage is made with absolute care. There are both communal tables and bar seats for an optimal work experience, and the vibe inside is always calming and focused. If you need a day to complete some online tasks, then pop over to Intelligentsia.   

Two Hearted Queen

This coffee shop, opened in 2015 by longtime Chicago residents, serves locally roasted coffee and delectable espresso drinks. Located on Roscoe Street and Racine, Two Hearted Queen has quickly become a favorite for Boystown inhabitants.  

The café is not only an excellent away-from-home office but has tons of delectable menu options for sipping and snacking. Two Hearted Queen has specialty, queen-themed lattes for sweet lovers, as well as breakfast and veggie bagel sandwiches for extra focus and energy. There’s abundant space for setting up laptops and other electronics, exemplary for all-day projects or catching up on emails. 

Logan Square 

Damn Fine 

Armitage Avenue is one of the busiest epicenters on the north side. The street spans from Lake Michigan to the western suburbs, but right in the middle is where you’ll find Damn Fine Coffee Bar. 

Though the shop isn’t very roomy, it’s incredibly inviting with its stylish decor and friendly staff. There’s also a wonderful seating area on the sidewalk, ideal for soaking in the brisk fall weather. 

Damn Fine is a sizable menu with plenty of caffeinated drinks and tea options for those avoiding strong coffee. If you need some anti-anxiety help while you work, you can, fortunately, add CBD honey to any purchasable beverage. 

Sip of Hope 

Sip of Hope is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop in the heart of Logan Square. 100% of the revenue goes to Hope for the Day, a non-profit suicide-prevention organization. As well as an excellent workspace, this Logan Square café is dedicated to providing resources and education to those struggling with their mental health. 

Sip of Hope has the usual, delicious caffeinated drinks one would expect from a coffee shop. The café also serves up non-traditional drinks like their “nectar of the gods” or spicy mocha. Most beverages use Chicago’s renowned Dark Matter coffee beans, ensuring that each brewed batch is flavorful and highly caffeinated. 

Sip of Hope has extensive bar seating for guests ready to get into work mode. There’s also a handful of small tables for those wishing to bring a friend or have a chat. This café is tremendous for long, task-filled days if you need a new Logan Square spot for productivity.      

There are too many coffee shops to count in this city with free WiFi that didn’t make this abbreviated list. But if you’re any in these northside neighborhoods, check out these mentioned cafés for strong, caffeinated beverages and a peaceful ambiance. Getting out of the house to co-work or complete tasks is imperative these days, so stop by a café with free internet for a productive weekday.