The Best Places to Put Your WiFi Router in Your Home

The placement of your WiFi router in your home can have a big impact on your WiFi speed and the range of your connection. While it’s often easiest to keep your router under your desk or in a metal cabinet in the corner of your apartment, doing so can mean that your connection isn’t as strong as it could be.

Below are some of the best places to keep your WiFi router in your home.

Centralized in Your Home

WiFi routers emit radio waves which spread out and towards the ground. Putting your router as close to the center of your home will ensure that the waves reach as much of the house as possible. If you have a second floor, you may want to consider mounting the router near the ceiling of the first floor so the connection is strong on both floors.

On a High Shelf or Desk

If you’re not able to centralize your router, try to put it on a high shelf or desk. Avoid the floor, as that will minimize the emission of the router’s radio waves.

Not in the Kitchen

Kitchen appliances, especially microwaves, are not your router’s friend. Microwaves actually use frequencies around the same as routers, so you could notice your Internet slowing down when someone uses the microwave.

Away from Your TV or Metal Objects

Metal objects and TVs can reflect your router’s signal, causing it to disperse. Consider a wood or plastic shelf for your router, or mount it on a wall as suggested above.

Check your Router’s Antenna Position

If your router features an external antenna, one of the easiest way to optimize your router’s performance is to experiment with different antenna positions. Typically, vertical positions are optimal, but experimenting can bring surprising results.

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