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Why Does My Internet Seem to be Faster at Different Times of the Day?

Have you ever noticed that the Internet speeds at your home or office seem to be faster at different times of the day? There are many factors that can effect Internet speed, and some of them can cause an obvious speed reduction. Below are some of the most common reasons for the lower Internet speeds.

ISP Throttling

Some Internet service providers will throttle Internet speed during peak usage times. Bandwidth throttling is the intentional limiting of speed to reduce congestion or for other reasons. Your ISP could be throttling your connection to ensure that all users are able to connect during a busy time of the day.

Zentro customers do not have to worry about ISP throttling. All customers receive 24/7 dedicated bandwidth.

Lots of Users

When you’re at home, the number of family members or devices using your Internet connection will effect your home internet speed. You may notice your browsing speed dropping in the evening while everyone in your family is streaming movies on their devices.

For business users, consult with Zentro’s business support team to determine the optimal Internet plan for your company. The number of employees, type of work you do and other factors are important to consider when choosing the best plan for your business.

Cloud-Based Backups and Large Downloads

If you’ve scheduled daily backups on your devices to run during the day, they can cause your Internet speed to slow. Also, downloading large files can effect the Internet speed for you and other users.

Running backups at night will ensure that the backup isn’t interfering with your daily Internet usage. If possible, wait to download large files until night time as well.


Malware can drastically slow down the speed of your Internet connection. It’s important to make sure your computer is safe and secure to ensure that your connection isn’t being compromised. Zentro’s concierge support team can provide recommendations for computer security at home and work.

If you have any further questions about inconsistent Internet speeds, we encourage you to contact us or call 877-Zentro-1.