6 Best Video Conferencing Software Providers for 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic, video conferencing has been an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s catching up with friends or discussing projects with coworkers, video-chat software has aided all of us. In 2022, here are the best video software to stay connected. 


What video-chatting list would be complete without Zoom? The program that’s become synonymous with video conferencing altogether, Zoom rose to prominence in 2020. 

The free option is helpful for its reliability and its capacity to host many people at a time. Up to 100 people can join one Zoom session, making it the perfect software for offices and schools. Sending files, gifs, and photos is easy and at no additional price, helping everyone stay as connected as possible. 

Download Zoom on your computers here: 

WebEx Meetings 

WebEx Meetings is a popular video conferencing software for businesses. WebEx Meetings is reliable, adaptable, and has many additional office bonuses. 

WebEx Meetings is excellent for the workplace for background noise removal, smaller virtual breakout rooms, and customizable layouts. Realtime language translations are included in the program, ensuring cross-nation communication is productive and straightforward. Automatic transcriptions, highlights, and notetaking are available for hosts and guests, allowing for more dynamic collaboration. 

More about WebEx Meetings can be found on their website:

BlueJeans Meetings  

Another video conferencing software specific for the office is BlueJeans Meetings. Like WebEx Meetings, BlueJeans incorporates laptops, phones, and room systems into one meeting. 

Users have highly favored its extreme reliability, with almost zero delay time between callers. With many tools to collaborate, BlueJeans is one of the most successful office web conferencing software on the market. 

The standard price is $9.99 a month, with the most expensive package only $16.66 per month: 

Google Workspace 

Google Workspace is the best software for sharing and viewing Google-related documents. Seamlessly integrating Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Slides, collaborating with your friends or coworkers is easier than ever.     

The user-friendly design makes it a great video conferencing program for beginners. Especially when most people have experience with Google interfaces, this software makes it a go-to for many companies. It also can incorporate Google Drive into the conferences, allowing everyone to interact and discuss documents together. 

Find out More about Google Workspace here: 

GoTo Meeting

With a 99.9% uptime, GoTo Meeting also regards itself as one of the most reliable video conferencing programs. 

While most of these programs are downloadable, GoTo operates on the website. It’s easy to use since anyone can join and invite a guest as well. Video conferences can include up to 250 members, perfect for large companies. The clarity with both audio and video makes GoTo an impeccable software for socializing or corporate meetings. 

There’s a 14-day trial, with the standard plan starting at $12 a month. 


Used as a socializing application, this program has HD video software for vibrant,  face-to-face chatting. 

With DialPad, you can start video chats from a web browser without downloading pesky. There’s also an application for phones if you need to take video conferencing on the go. It includes in-meeting chatting, screen sharing, and unlimited calls for entirely free software. 

Get DialPad for free to experience state-of-the-art video calling software: 

In 2022, there will be many different video-chatting programs to choose from. Whether you’re in an office meeting or trying to reconnect with old colleagues, these programs are helping us connect and collaborate during an unprecedented time. With these six programs, you’ll be able to utilize top-tier video conferencing in your day-to-day life.