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Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2021

Technology is the one thing we can count on to keep evolving.  Energy-efficient Teslas, outrageous apps, and social-distancing games have pushed the boundaries of our modern era.  This year, technological advancements haven’t slowed down even one bit.  We might not have flying cars yet, but this has already been a fantastic year for cool, new gadgets.

Sonos Arc Soundbar

Who isn’t plastered in front of their TV in the middle of winter?  With so much time spent bundled up on the couch, it’s crucial to have the best-sounding equipment for your TV.  A soundbar is an essential speaker to buy for that elevated sonic experience.

A soundbar is a slim speaker that connects through HDMI to your television.  When looking for a soundbar, you need something compact but still high quality.  The Sonos Arc Soundbar is a great choice because it’s more dynamic than other soundbars on the market.  With a sonic range of highs and lows, songs with bass come through perfectly, and dialogue is easier to decipher.   When the TV is off, you can use the Sonos App to stream music and podcasts through this state-of-the-art system.

Check out the Arc Soundbar here:

Razer Project Brooklyn

Oftentimes, we stream movies, binge-watch TV, and play videogames to escape what’s going on around us. Razer, one of the leading brands for gamer-affiliated luxuries, is pushing escapism a few steps further.

The Razer Project Brooklyn is a modernized gamer chair with a few major upgrades.  It’s a “gaming pod” with a reclining chair, and a 60-inch LED screen for marvelous, panoramic views.  A fold-up table can be used as a platform for a console or laptop.  The chair also vibrates as you play, giving you a whole-body, immersive experience.  Razer is changing virtual-reality gaming completely, bound to succeed with this extremely high-tech model.

Razer’s gaming pod isn’t out in stores yet but could be available to the public soon.  Check out more details about its features and release date here:

Superstrata C Bike

A bike ride through the city can lift anyone’s mood.  With many of us stuck indoors, biking is the perfect getaway with an exceptional workout included.  Custom bikes put regular ones to shame, and Superstrata has a new line of them for the cyclist in all of us.

The Superstrata C is a collection of customizable bikes fit for any terrain from the city to the mountains.  These bikes are made entirely of carbon fiber, a malleable material, and extremely lightweight.  Its use has changed road bike technology, making lighter-weight frames that have better weather resistance.  You can customize every part of your Superstrata, from the frame and accent colors to the seat position for optimal posture.

Get ready for summer by checking out these custom bicycles:

Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods caught on quicker than most of us expected.  Rechargeable and compact, these earbuds are incredibly useful for people on-the-go.  Apple has never been a company to stop its technological advancements, so of course, AirPods have gotten a quality upgrade.

New sound improvements have changed the game for the trusty AirPods.  Apple has amped up the listening experience by providing different levels of noise cancelation.  Transparency mode is the latest feature for any multitasker: a mode where the volume decreases to hear what’s happening around you.  These AirPods are also water-resistant, which is perfect for athletes and exercisers.

AirPods Pro is available at the Apple products website:

Theragun Massager

Getting a massage is one of the best pros of living with people.  But when they’re not around or not interested, it’s almost impossible to give yourself an accurate, stress-relieving equivalent.  Now, there’s a simple way to receive a thorough massage.  Therabody’s Theragun Prime is a handheld massager that alleviates stress and discomfort in the body without any extra help.

This massager uses percussive therapy to get deeper into the muscles.  It has an ergonomic head for reaching difficult spots on the body, and its 120-minute battery makes sure your relaxation doesn’t end abruptly.  The customizable speed feature guarantees your most sensitive areas aren’t strained by any excessive pressure.  Use the Theragun on your arms, legs, chest, and shoulders for a massage even a professional masseur can’t match.

More details on the Theragun prime here:

Samsung Smart Monitor M7

Great remote work starts with the right equipment.  Whether you’re catching up on emails or playing a computer game, getting a monitor in your space can make a world of difference.  Samsung’s Smart Monitor comes with striking visuals and impeccable sound quality for a better user experience.

The M7 has built-in speakers, so no need to exhaust your budget on any external attachments.  For hooking up your laptop, there’s a USB port for a fast and easy connection.  The monitor also comes with a remote, so you can control it like a TV when you’re ready to relax.  With stunning HD quality, you won’t need to go back to your old, binge-watching ways.

For a luxurious office look in your own home, check out the M7 and watch your workflow benefit:

Exciting advancements are not slowing down when it comes to technology.  With many wild contraptions to read about already, there’s seemingly no end to the high-tech gadgets 2021 will bring.