Digital Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and gift-giving is arguably the holiday’s primary focus.  While so many of us are quarantining, it might be hard to trade tangible gifts.  If seeing your partner or family members is more difficult this year, here are some smart, digital ideas for great Valentine’s Day gifts and activities.

Wellness App Subscription

Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness activities are on the rise this year.  Spending many days inside means there’s a lot of time to focus on our introspection.  Practicing mindfulness tasks is easy with various websites and apps to download.

Buying a yearly subscription for an app like Calm or Headspace is an exceptional gift for 2021.  With these programs you can find guided meditations and many soothing playlists to choose from.  Exercises specific to anxiety, depression, anger, and stress are great for when life is a little too overwhelming.  If your partner is having trouble sleeping, meditations and tips for better rest are available on both applications.

Giving the gift of relaxation is unbelievably simple this year.  Provide a loving gesture from afar by including a mindfulness app subscription as your Valentine’s present.

Check out Headspace and Calm here:

Online Scrapbook

Who doesn’t love a commemorative scrapbook from their loved ones?  With many people having access to smartphones, taking pictures and documenting trips is extremely common.  Putting together a slideshow of memories is an easy way to show your deep affection.

Creating a short movie on your iPhone is painless and instantly shareable.  If you go into your Photos app, there’s a section where it has a facial recognition feature.  Clicking on your friend or partner’s icon magically unfolds all of the photos you have of them on your phone.  There’s a play button, too, that creates the slideshow function.  You can edit, add photos, and share the slideshow in seconds with your Valentine.

A digital book of memories is a wonderful, personalized gift for your beloved.  Check out more about slideshow creation on Apple products here:

Online Cooking Class

Here is a fantastic idea for Valentine’s Day that’s safe and interactive.  If there’s a dish or dessert you’ve always dreamed of making, there are specialized cooking courses all over the internet to peruse.

There are a few websites to checkout for cooking courses online, but Cozymeal has some great Chicago chef options.

Many restaurants in the city have created alternate routes for supporting their business.  Cooking classes are one of the primary ways we can give back to the chefs we cherish in our communities.  On Cozymeal, you can find chefs based on location, cuisine, and difficulty.  Besides using booking websites, checking your favorite restaurant’s website is a stellar way to see if they offer online courses.

This culinary gift will inspire your loved one for months and years to come.  Check out all sorts of classes on the Cozymeal website:


The complications of scheduling a card drop off or meeting in person are frustrations of the past.  Animated eCards are a safe and silly way to show your appreciation.  There are plenty of options to choose from for eCards from standard and romantic to extremely goofy.

American Greetings is a great site to check out for traditional styles.  They have a wonderful selection of romantic-themed eCards like hearts, flowers, and funny animals.

For a sillier Valentine, the singing and dancing messages on JibJab might be what you’re looking for.  Renowned for their extremely personalized approach, these eCards are great for anyone with a sense of humor.  Crop your friend or partner’s face on the JibJab website and plop them into a choreographed dance number.  For Valentine’s day, there are even Rick Astley, Grease, and Lady Gaga themed greetings.

Look at all the customizable options here:   

Digital gifts aren’t the only way to show love and appreciation.  If you’re quarantined with your friends, family, or partner, here are some safe Valentine’s ideas and activities.

Love and adoration are feelings we all share for one another.  Making Valentine’s Day a special event this year can be uncomplicated and safe with these brilliant ideas.  Whether you’re removed from your beloved or cozily at home together, there’s an abundance of possibilities to make the holiday remarkable.  Enjoy these digital romantic ideas and activities and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.