Is Reliable High-Speed Internet the Key to Having Happy Renters?

You won’t be able to find an apartment without internet access these days.  Especially now, reliable internet is more necessary than ever.  Ensuring that access is fast and dependable is something imperative for a Wi-Fi connection.  But what can property owners do to improve this?  

For many renters, purchasing a router is an individual act: an essential part of furnishing the home.  With many people working remotely, landlords and homeowners are starting to do more to provide quality internet.  So I got to ask, is giving reliable internet to renters essential for happy and long-lasting residents?    

The answer, simply, is yes.  In a recent study, 87 percent of people said technology played a huge role when it comes to apartment hunting.  The majority also said that asking about communication services was crucial before signing a lease. In an internet-dominated world, there’s no surprise with these statistics. The question now becomes, what can property owners do to benefit all communication services?    

Improving Wi-Fi and General Connection      

With an established need for internet access, owners can provide their renters with better services in one paramount way. 

Though it is a challenge for older buildings, replacing copper wire with fiber optic cable is a necessary investment. Fiber optic doesn’t rust as fast as copper and fiber’s data transfer is quicker and extends farther. This type of infrastructure change is more dependable for avid internet users. 

If the building is new construction, the architect probably had fiber cables in mind and installed microducts. If not, property owners will need to figure out the best way to filter the cables from the basement to the apartments. A few methods include blowing (for taller, wider apartments), pulling (less costly), or pushing (for shorter distances). The length and width of the building will determine the ideal method for fiber cable installation.   

What Will Property Owners Expect From High-Speed Internet

Once the copper cables are replaced with fiber ones, property owners will notice positive results. A larger tenant pool is expected for a building equipped with better internet services. Tenants are also more likely to stick around longer. With many needing the internet for work as well as a job-searching tool, tenants have an easier route for income and paying rent on time. This is perfect for property owners struggling with short-term residents. 

High-speed internet doesn’t only help the residents but visitors, contractors, and more. Let’s say you hire an electrician, and they need to make a work call, but their service is spotty. Wouldn’t great Wi-Fi be essential to finish the job? 

Anyone who enters your apartment and is expecting a connection will benefit from an upgraded building. In a world where the internet is vital, friends and contractors alike will rejoice in fast, reliable Wi-Fi 

The Future for Renters 

Even after this pandemic, people will continue working from home. One study shows that 70 percent of respondents say their companies have made technology investments for remote working. Even without technological change, bosses and employees know that at-home working can be as efficient as sitting in the office.  This means that future renters will be expecting these types of services when apartment hunting.     

When March 2020 began, property owners and building managers didn’t know what to expect with the influx of work-from-home residents.  This lifestyle change made the need for reliable internet increasingly inescapable.  With the future unknown, owners need to invest in advancements for their buildings.  Hopefully, no pandemic of this caliber will happen again, but owners still have to be prepared for more renters working remotely.   

High-speed internet is no luxury anymore.  It is a fundamental need for all renters and does wonders for ensuring their happiness.  Though some owners might need to spend more dough to renovate, the benefits are endless.  If you’ve been having trouble retaining or attracting renters, upgrading internet access is the best place to start.