6 Best Health & Fitness Apps for 2021

Public gyms and workout centers are opening back up, meaning less home exercise.  With more room to do our daily routines, apps and virtual help might appear unnecessary.  But, in 2021, there are many fitness apps to discover that will elevate your workout.  

Apps for tracking progress, getting muscle definition, and improving your mental state are available right at your fingertips.  Try out these health and fitness apps to start your summer off right.   

7 Minute Workout 

This app is definitely for the person on the go.  If you’re in a rush and feel there’s no time to incorporate exercise, 7 Minute Workout’s quick exercises will change your thinking.  

Developed by a physiologist at Johnson & Johnson, this app is designed for people of all athletic and physical abilities.  The workouts are customizable, with the option to mix and match over 72 exercises.  Your formulated workouts also come with time adjustments ranging from 7 to 37 minutes.  Each exercise comes with an instructional video, ensuring you’re prepared to tackle every routine.  

7 Minute Workout is a great place to start if working out feels too time-consuming.  You can download the app in the Apple store: 


An app with a surprisingly huge following, FitOn is mostly known for its charismatic and well-known trainers. 

This app is an athlete’s dream with a wide selection of exercise classes, from yoga to HIIT.  The instructors are mostly celebrity trainers, which means you’re getting top-tier lessons.  The courses are varying degrees of difficulty, and most exercises don’t require equipment.  It’s no wonder more than five million people have joined this app; with a huge selection of videos and world-class trainers, it’s hard to go wrong.  

Look at their website for more about their trainers and courses:


Glo is a perfect fit for the avid yoga and meditation participant.  Formerly known as YogaGlo, this app has evolved to encompass pilates, mindfulness practices, and more. 

Personalizing your workout is what the app does best.  You’ll be invited to answer a series of questions as a beginner, to make sure you’re getting your ideal fitness routine.  With over 4,000 classes on demand, there are almost infinite courses to choose from.  Just like FitOn, Glo has some of the best yoga and fitness instructors, making this app a worthwhile investment.  

Try out the app free for 7 days here:        

Nike Run Club 

Summer is the season for running. It’s great to exercise in the warm sunlight finally, but sometimes running can get monotonous.  Nike Run Club acts as your personal cheerleader, documenting your successes and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

For the competitive athlete, Nike Run Club is great for establishing training plans.  You’ll be able to assign personal challenges and goals for each run you take.  You can choose the distance or time limit of your exercising, with a 5-minute lunch run option for your busiest days. The app also allows you to connect to other runners, creating a social network of motivated exercisers.  

Log your distance and accept rewards with Nike’s free workout app.  See more details on their website: 


Staying happy and content is an important factor in our health.  When we’re getting our whole body in shape, our mental state sometimes goes unchecked.  This app strictly focuses on the mind, with wonderful meditation and mindfulness tactics.  

Happify has science-backed activities to lower stress levels and distract the mind.  Alongside these games and exercises, there are guided meditations and even weight training. There are helpful solutions for anyone experiencing a range of mental health issues or solely looking for a fun distraction. 

Whether you’re dealing with intrusive thoughts or needing a physical outlet, Happify has a solution for everyone.  You can see all of the advantages Happify has to offer here:

Sleep Cycle 

Sleep: arguably the most essential facet of our health.  Getting a good night’s sleep, though, is undeniably troublesome.  With the sole power of our phone’s microphone, this app is capable of improving our nightly routine.  

Sleep Cycle uses an advanced alarm clock to make sure you’re waking up at the right time.  This incredible technology logs its information through your breathing. The sounds and movements you make show the app how deeply you’re sleeping.  The app then determines when your lightest sleep will be in the morning, allowing for an alarm that eases you into the day.  

Sounds crazy, right?  Though the idea feels like it’s from a science-fiction novel, the app has succeeded in improving many users’ rest.  Sleep Cycle even has an extensive library of sounds and stories, making sure you’re falling asleep fast and easy.  

Check out more about Sleep Cycle here: 

As humans, whole-body health can be a tiring endeavor.  With so many incredible apps on the market, incorporating a small workout or a breathing exercise is more than effortless.  Make your fitness and health a priority this summer by downloading one of these beneficial apps.