6 Must-Have Productivity/Utility Apps For Macs

We all want to be more productive in our day-to-day lives.  Whether it’s organizing time for our hobbies or making our work schedule manageable, time efficiency is imperative.  Fortunately, we’re not alone in our organizational journey.  When it comes to products and apps for Mac, there are a few helpful downloads to maximize productivity.  Here are the must-have apps for Macs that’ll help revamp your efficiency.  


An app with unbelievable intelligence, Alfred compiles information from your searches to understand your behavior.  

Alfred has a search function that uses keywords for ultimate proficiency.  The app learns how you use your computer and sorts your searches based on popularity.  You can also input hotkeys and keywords to make your searches even quicker.

Alfred includes an extensive search history feature.  You’ll be able to find past websites without the hassle of remembering the URLs.  Saving websites is also quick and easy; you can create abbreviations or nicknames for websites to find them faster.  

Sometimes the most challenging part about being efficient is remembering where all of your files are.  Alfred aids in organizing and simplifying your computer’s data, letting you focus on what’s important.  Learn more about Alfred here:


Working on a computer is fantastic until all those pesky tabs pile up. Magnet is a simple-fix app for this cumbersome problem.

If you’re like me, you have endless windows and tabs open on your screen. Without the willingness to delete old windows, websites build up unbearably. With Magnet, you are only allowed four windows on the screen at a time.  The windows can be arranged in a few different ways and lock into the corners of the desktop.  This helps focus your attention while keeping your screen free of unnecessary clutter.  

If only having four websites open is an issue, Magnet includes six different windows.  Magnet allows you to use a window for work-related websites while another can be recreational.  

Creating shortcuts is also a key part of Magnet, helping users flip through their displays swiftly.  Keeping four windows per display makes for less searching and a less cluttered computer.  

Check out more about magnet here:


A great accompaniment to Magnet is HazeOver: a simple but effective tool for window mismanagement. 

HazeOver is the premier website for window dimming.  It highlights the window you want to focus on and shrowds your other windows in a darker shadow.  Sometimes it’s the over-stimulation of various programs that makes working harder.  With HazeOver’s differing brightness, you’ll have an easier time focusing on one project at a time.  

Look at more possibilities HazeOver can do here: 


Though one of the oldest apps on the list, OneNote is consistently the most clever and accessible app for notetaking.  

Emulating a paper notebook, this app is great for organizing ideas and thoughts by subject.  Tabs are located on the left side of the application for labeling and arranging each section.  

Even the note itself tries to mimic a physical piece of paper.  You can click anywhere on the page to start writing for a more freeform writing experience.  Drawing, doodling, and more are obtainable with this clever feature.  

OneNote is the closest you can get to a real-life notebook.  With many organizational tools included in the interface, it’s worth a download.  Find out more about the app here: 


This app’s purpose is to restructure your understanding of notetaking. Though not the most intuitive, Obsidian is an organizational powerhouse because of a few key ingredients. 

It’s aesthetically similar to Mac’s Notes app, but with a sleeker, black outline to the page.  A big difference is that you can hyperlink past notes to words and phrases of your current note.  Using Obsidian allows connecting more information for a continuous workflow. You can also set keyboard shortcuts to access files with a simple key push quickly.  

Though a free app, many quality features of Obsidian cost an additional price. You can check out more about this revolutionary app here:


Remembering all your passwords is no easy feat.  This app is stellar when it comes to saving and creating strong passwords.  

The best feature is its single-click function.  Your passwords can autofill with one click for each website and app, requiring no memory overexertion.  There’s even an option to produce random, strong logins.  The built-in password generator quickly comes up with original passwords for you.  Now there’s no excuse to use the same password over and over again.  

1Password is trusted by businesses around the globe to secure their valuable information.  It’s great for families, too, by making it easy to share logins, credit card info, and more.  Keep your valuables all in one place with this accessible app.  

Find out more about all its innovative functions:

Everyone needs a little help reaching their productivity potential.  There are so many apps available now to focus our attention on; it’s hard to know which ones to choose.  These six productivity and utility apps are some of the best on the market, each serving its function exceptionally.  Download one of these programs and see your productivity inevitably increase.