Virtual Private Network (VPN): Benefits & Use Cases for Protection & Privacy

In our modern world, so much of our lives revolve around the internet.  It’s what we use for work, pleasure, and everything in between.  With countless hours spent on the world wide web, the line between public and private is often blurred.  

Though the internet is excellent, putting yourself online has its drawbacks.  Sites like Facebook getting sued for selling users’ data is no laughing matter.  So how can we assure ourselves that our virtual information is safe?  

If you’re searching for more secure surfing options, a VPN is the perfect answer.  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and its benefits are numerous.  If you’re still on the fence, here are some opportunities a VPN can offer.  

Data Privacy Within Your House 

Is surfing the web potentially dangerous, even on your private Wi-Fi?  While accessing your private connection, you’re still using your ISP: internet service provider.  Whether your provider is Comcast, Verizon, etc., your specific ISP has complete access to your browsing history and data.  Even using an incognito mode doesn’t necessarily keep your service provider out of the loop.  

A VPN is essential because it obscures your IP address.  This IP address, which identifies your computer on the internet, cannot be located in this mode.  Without an identifiable address, ISPs can’t find your data or locate your laptop online. 

Using Public Wi-Fi

If you’re concerned about a data breach, you’re probably skeptical about public Wi-Fi.  While using Wi-Fi is generally safe, utilizing a shared network at a café can lead to vulnerability.

Protection is one significant benefit of a VPN while using the public internet.  It allows for secured internet access without compromising browser history and personal data.  A VPN is a definite must-have for workdays spent in diners and coffee shops.  

Access To International Content

It’s relatively common to be scrolling through Netflix and suddenly realize your favorite show is no longer available.  Though it’s frustrating, these shows are often accessible in other parts of the world.  

How does a VPN aid in international viewing?  The VPN’s primary capability is disguising your location.  An undisclosed geotag allows you to browse from anywhere in the world while keeping your info safe.  Since you’re surfing the web undetected, the streaming possibilities are utterly endless.  

Downloading a VPN is legal in the U.S., so try incorporating one to see what TV and movie options are available.  

Data & Government 

Even in the U.S., lines are often fuzzy between public vs. private data.  Data posted on Instagram or Facebook can quickly get scooped up by profiteers, consensually or not.  Unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the only influential figure who deceptively sells our information.  

Lawsuits regarding brands selling information to government agencies are happening all around us.  VPNs are an added defense for the content you put online privately.  No one wants to feel like online shopping could lead to an involvement with the NSA.  A VPN is an excellent download for those concerned about government surveillance in this day and age.  

No Bandwidth Throttling   

Bandwidth throttling is just a fancy way of saying your internet is slowing down.  Your ISP can decrease your internet speed based on which sites you’re using.  This is just another instance of your service provider getting in the way of your personal computer use.  

Suppose you’re experiencing a lag on specific sites but aren’t sure why, try using a VPN.  When your data is encrypted, you can safely surf the web unmonitored. A VPN assures all sites you access are free of surveillance and its additional streaming problems.  

A demand for privacy leads many internet users to download a VPN.  It’s a simple fix to a plethora of problems and ensures a safer surfing experience.  Whether your intentions are recreational or professional, a VPN is a powerful tool to improve your computer experience.  Access to more TV shows with the relief of extra security is too good of a deal to dismiss.