6 Favorite Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Gift giving: one of the most challenging elements of the holidays.  Figuring out what present is best for each family member is a frustrating and defeating task.  But, all hope isn’t lost this holiday season.  

If you’ve got a family member, friend, or loved one who likes technology, there are some budget-friendly options.  New products are constantly released, so keeping up with these gadgets can be troublesome.  Here are some excellent tech products to gift somebody this holiday season to make this time more manageable.  


If your friend invites you over to watch TV but has no streaming services available, this gift is the perfect fix.  

Many are familiar with this powerful gizmo; its limitless nature allows users to stream Netflix, watch Youtube, and even check email.  Roku lets you add endless channels to your device, from Criterion to Disney+.  You’ll never have a boring night of TV again, with multiple programs and services at your fingertips.  

Roku is available at superstores around the country and online. 


Pets are a crucial part of our family unit.  But It’s stressful wondering if your dog or cat is behaving when you’re not around.  The PetCube is an excellent present for those family members who stress about their pets’ whereabouts.  

PetCube is a versatile HD camera with a 110º angle for maximum clarity.  It includes night vision up to 30 feet and superb zoom-in features.  There’s even an option to chat with a vet if you have questions or worries about your beloved pet.  

For less than $40, it’s the perfect, affordable option for your animal-loving pal.  Buy it straight from Amazon: 

Victrola Vintage Portable Record Player

Collecting vinyl is a whole rigamarole these days.  Purchasing speakers, finding a quality turntable, and repairing old machinery makes this hobby pricey and inconvenient.  

The Victoria Portable Record Player is the ideal gift for your music-loving friend, and it won’t break the bank.  For less than $45, this tiny suitcase opens up to a full-size record player with high-quality speakers.  There’s even a Bluetooth function to connect your iPhone for endless tunes on the go. 

With a retro design and countless colors to choose from, this record player is absolute perfection.  Check them out here:

1MORE Stylish Dual-Dynamic Wired Earbuds    

What is a better present for the holidays than headphones?  Finding an affordable option can be difficult, but these earbuds are perfect without sacrificing quality.  

For the price, the caliber of these earbuds is unparalleled.  With a pink, shimmery finish, these headphones are luxury on a budget.  They come with an in-line microphone to answer calls and a three-button remote for pausing songs and changing volume.  

You can purchase them at Walmart here:  ​​

Nomad Kevlar Universal USB Cable   

A USB cable might not be your first thought for a holiday gift, but it’s a gadget that certainly comes in handy.  

This cable has three separate USB ports for simultaneous charging.  It contains one micro-USB cable with Lightning for the updated iPhones and two USB-C ports for Android and other devices.  The Nomad cable reaches up to five feet and has an exterior fiber sheath for maximum durability, making it essential for extended car rides.  

This long-lasting device is the essential gift for your friend with too many devices.  Grab it at any REI store: ​​ 

Fujifilm Instant Camera

Vintage styles are constantly falling back into fashion but flared jeans aren’t the only trend that’s repeating.  Technology often circulates similarly, and that’s certainly true for the Polaroid camera.  With Fujifilm, you’ll get all the fun of a Polaroid with a modern twist.

These cute, pastel cameras pop out instant images with unprecedented quality.  They come with an automatic flash for perfectly-exposed pictures.  There’s even a selfie-mode function with a built-in mirror to make group photos easy and flawless. 

Buy these terrific party accompaniments here.

Gadgets these days are expensive, and finding the right one can be even more difficult.  This list will have you singing a different tune with powerful tech on a dime.  If you’re running out of ideas, these gifts are perfect for making the holiday season merry and bright.