5 Best Coffee Shops in Milwaukee With Free WiFi

Coffee shops are the perfect place to sit, relax, and get some work done. Artisan cafés have become quite popular over the last decade, with each individual shop attempting to one-up their competitors. 

Milwaukee is a midwestern city full of quaint cafés with tastefully roasted coffee. Here are some of the best coffee shops in the area that include free WiFi

Colectivo Coffee 

You’re probably familiar with this coffee franchise if you live in the midwest. Colectivo got its start in Milwaukee and has spread its cafés to many neighborhoods in Chicago. 

Colectivo’s Prospect location is one of the Milwaukee destinations that locals go to get their work completed. Its intimate hanging light fixtures, long, library-style tables, and cozy aesthetic is perfect for focusing on essential tasks. Formerly an auto parts store, it’s got an excellent warehouse vibe that feels open and comfortable simultaneously. 

If you’re feeling energized by the end of the day, the shop opens up to the Colectivo Back Room, transforming its former roastery into a sizeable venue. Find out more about the Colectivo Prospect location here: 

Anodyne Coffee Company

Located in Milwaukee’s hip Bay View neighborhood, Anodyne has been operating and roasting since 1999. 

The coffee shop prides itself on making small-batch, locally roasted coffee for a delicious cup every pour. The store sells more than coffee, though. It switches to a luxurious eatery at night, selling artisan pizzas and craft beer. There’s ample room to sit and do your work at the bar or at the elongated, wooden tables in the shop’s center. 

Anodyne has an extremely midwestern aesthetic with its cabin-style design and ambiance. Stop by the store to answer your emails and enjoy excellent coffee or beer. 

Valentine Coffee Roasters    

This coffee company has stores in three different locations in Milwaukee: the Historic Third Ward, Washington Heights, and Oak Creek. The newest shop in the Third Ward elevates its aesthetic by adding a modern twist, with sleek grey-and-blue tables and industrial light fixtures. 

Valentine has been a local favorite for quite some time, mainly due to the owners’ extensive restaurant experience. Robb Kashevarof and Joe Gilsdorf have more than a decade of restaurant knowledge, which is reflected in their menu’s breakfast items, soups, and salads. 

If you need a place in Milwaukee to set up shop for a while, Valentine is the perfect spot to do so. Check out more about Valentine’s background, stores, and coffee roasting here: 

Stone Creek Coffee

Founded in 1993 by Wisconsin-born Erich Resch, Stone Creek has a familiar and cozy coffee environment and crafts exceptional drinks. 

Stone Creek’s newest addition to its cafés, the Stone Creek Factory, operates as a roastery, coffee training facility, and store all in one. There are two humungous seating areas in the shop, one near the barista station and another surrounding a lovely fireplace. The Stone Creek Factory prides itself on utilizing recycled materials for its interior, like its wide wooden tables and industrial beams. 

Stop by one of Stone Creek’s nine locations for a productive work day and a lovely cup of joe. 

Rochambo Coffee & Tea House

Rochambo is an unconventional Milwaukee spot open for more than 25 years. Located on the city’s east side, the store focuses on sustainability and ethically sourced products. 

 If you pull up to this coffee house, you might be fooled by its residential aesthetic. But this colorful green-and-purple Victorian home is the Rochambo location, ensuring the customers get a snug, midwestern feel when entering the mid-century duplex. There’s plenty of seating to spread out and get your work started, with bartop tables near the barista counter and more available on the second floor. 

If quirky is more your style, then Rochambo is the epitome of eccentric coffee houses. Stop by this longstanding location for uninterrupted work accompanied by your favorite tea. 

Milwaukee may not be the premier midwestern city for tourists, but it’s got plenty to offer. Each neighborhood is crammed with comforting, state-of-the-art cafés for all to enjoy. If you’re looking for a delicious cup of coffee or need a spot to respond to your emails, these five cafés are a great place to start.