5 Things to Consider When Setting Up Event WiFi

Inside your home, it’s crucial to have WiFi. But when traversing the world outside, it’s not always expected that every building you enter will have accessible high-speed internet. As more coffee shops, restaurants, and stores integrate free WiFi, it becomes more expected for business owners to provide this luxury.

Many of the general public’s feelings about restaurants and businesses providing free WiFi are the same expectation for conventions and public events. With 84 million smartphone users in the US, having available internet is a necessity for attendees. Here are some things to consider when setting up WiFi for your function.

Budget your WiFi

Hosting an event can be for ten people or it can be for ten thousand. The first thing to consider when hosting a public function is how many attendees will likely come to the function. More WiFi power will require a more expensive package, depending on how many people RSVP and how large the space is.


An abundance of attendees means ensuring high-speed internet reaches every cellular device without interruption. This will be more costly for planning since more funds will go to WiFi extenders and upgraded internet packages. Make sure your budget can handle a massive investment in WiFi, or you might have to charge your guests who use the event’s internet.

WiFi Usage

Though having available cellular service for event attendees is excellent, many use their smartphones for other reasons. People could log on to social media, snap a quick picture at a function, or access a data-heavy presentation. Figuring out how your attendees will use their phones during the event will help you pick out the perfect WiFi package.

If your event is for a training seminar or is interactive, attendees would be using their laptops or phones simultaneously. Everyone connected to the WiFi at the same time could dampen the connection. If your event is likely to have this kind of internet traffic, ensuring you’re purchasing a quality high-speed package is imperative.

WiFi Can Help Engagement and Advertisement

Providing free WiFi to a room of a thousand people is a high expense. Though your team might have to budget a hefty amount for the best WiFi package, the ROI, or return on investment, can be highly profitable.

If your event has anything to do with your business or your product, then having free, uninterrupted WiFi is an absolute must. With smartphone users sporting many social media apps, attendees posting about your event is instantaneous free advertising. Mainly if your function revolves around a product, it’s necessary to provide efficient WiFi. If attendees consistently post about your product on social media, your return on investment might be substantial due to the free public outreach.

Research Internet Providers

Though it may seem counterintuitive, some of the biggest names of internet providers might be the wrong fit for a significant function. Do your research online about which WiFi service could give your event the best results based on your event space and number of attendees.

Most large companies focus on working with home and apartment-style modems. These modems only need to work for one or two floors and in relatively small square footage. Another issue with large internet providers is their support policies, where technicians are penalized for fixing an issue too slowly, potentially making the technicians rush the job.

Working with smaller, local internet providers could be better if you have trouble with setting up your WiFi connection. Research the internet company to see their support policies before making a final purchase.

Pick the Perfect Bandwidth

Bandwith is something all internet users have heard but might not be able to define. Bandwidth means the maximum of data transferred with a particular internet connection. Having a lower bandwidth usually means cheaper since the internet connection cannot withstand massive data.

For most events with many guests, looking into dedicated bandwidth might be a good option. Dedicated bandwidth operates through one user instead of stretching out the internet connection to many participants through broadband. This option can help with latency issues but needs fiber optic cables in the event’s building to work correctly. If your event space does not have fiber optic cables, purchasing point-to-point antennas is your next best option.

Providing free internet is something everyone wants nowadays. Various factors play into what type of WiFi you’ll need for optimal success for an event. These tips will help anyone attempting to set up free, efficient WiFi for an event or function.