Best Alternatives for Google Owned Products

In 2022, we know massively more about social media and search engines than years prior. Many are turning their backs on Google-owned products and applications. Google’s engines run on personal data collection, so deciding to part ways with the technology giant is understandable. 

Whether you have an issue with Google as a brand or not, other tech companies exist for consumers to try. Here are some of the best alternatives for technology enthusiasts wanting to branch out. 

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a browser with a privacy focus. If you are wary of having your personal information stolen online, transferring to this browser is a great option. 

Brae Browser comes with ad-block and pop-up blockers, so no need for additional downloads. Without ads, you’re able to peruse the world wide web privately. No more will you search for cooking recipes and find targeted ads for winter coats. The engine isn’t collecting your data, so advertisers can’t interrupt your internet time.  

Find out more about Brave Browser and all its features here: 


Email is synonymous with Gmail these days. For those wanting a change in this department, ProtonMail is a fantastic alternative. 

ProtonMail is, first and foremost, a Swiss company. Switzerland is at the forefront of internet privacy law, ensuring ProtonMail’s ethos of protecting your data. The company uses end-to-end encryption, which means its engineers cannot decrypt users’ emails. 

ProtonMail comes without installing software so that you can access the site with any device. Transferring to this emailing platform is a breeze, too, with no hassle receiving emails from Gmail or other messengers. 

Starting your account is completely free, so what’s stopping you from giving ProtonMail a try? 


Like Gmail, YouTube is known for its distinctive, user-driven videos. Growing up in the rise of YouTube, many of us are clueless that other video-content platforms exist. Odysee is one non-Google platform taking the video world by storm. 

Just like Youtube, Odysee is a website that its users entirely propel. The site began as an independent force with reinvented community guidelines. Platforms owned by the same company meant more rules dictated by massive entities like Google. CEO Jeremy Koffman wanted to split from this technological dictatorship, establishing Odysee as a more free-thinking platform. 

While the website has safety guidelines, Odysee advertises user autonomy with less oversight. This independence attracted users by the millions to Odysee and changed the game for independent creators. 

Check out more about Odysee in all of its glory here:


There is a multitude of applications for finding directions. Google Maps is a popular one, but many might be familiar with Waze as well. 

Waze is a direction app that focuses on the fastest way to reach your destination. Visual representations of traffic appear on your screen, and updates about collisions and roadwork pop up in real-time. You can also use Waze to plan ahead, with app recommendations on leaving time and ETA. 

Waze incorporates live traffic, accidents, and pit stops into your daily routine. It’s great for every day or planning an extensive road trip, so maybe it’s time to ditch Google Maps for good. 


DuckDuckGo is another search engine that prioritizes user privacy. Either as its website or extension to chrome, DuckDuckGo is extraordinarily versatile and intuitive. Like Brave Browser, this company is putting a significant focus on private web browsing. Google’s engine holds onto people’s search history by default, making its users the perfect target for advertisers. DuckDuckGo does not track search history and can repel Google’s trackers while you use its Chrome extension. 

DuckDuckGo promises faster internet usage when switching to its search engine.  After the suspension of tracking codes, you’ll be able to browse the internet without interruption. Its easy search feature called “Bangs” allows you to use the search engine as a shortcut for other sites like Wikipedia or Youtube.

DuckDuckGo brings something innovative to the table while ensuring maximum privacy. Check out the website here: 

With information leaks and companies selling personal data, using the internet ethically and safely is more important than ever. These are the best alternatives for making a switch from Google products. YouTube and Gmail might feel indispensable, but these products sure give Google a run for its money.