6 Best Apps For Self Improvement & Goal Tracking For 2022

Writing down your goals for the new year is an essential step for change.  But, does putting your goals in writing actually help your improvement process?  

A list is all it takes to start self-improvement for some people.  A helpful push is necessary for goals to become a reality for others.  This uncertainty is where the App Store comes into play.  

Goal tracking and personal improvement apps are all over the internet.  Choosing the right ones, well, that’s another dilemma.  Here are some of the absolute best apps for setting resolutions this holiday season.

Click Up

Click Up might be old news for you since it’s one of the App Store’s most popular.  It’s a free goal management and productivity app that’s visually appealing and intuitive.  

You can create, edit, and organize your personal goals.  The app offers additional pieces to help you achieve these goals, like due dates and reminders.  Separating goals based on categories, like business and personal, acts as a beneficial organizing tool.

“Weekly scorecards,” another facet of the app, lets you break down your goals step-by-step.  This feature can be great for coworkers and groups, with options to allow everyone to see each other’s goals.  Having shared and public goals make us more accountable for the responsibilities we set.  

This app will have you fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions in no time.  Check out more about Click Up here:


Weekdone is another app insistent on week-by-week goal achievements. 

 It tracks long-term and short-term goals, accessible metrics, and reminders.  You can manage your goals by importance, making sure you prioritize the things you need to finish quicker.  Weekdone also includes dashboards, which are helpful for collective or team goals.  Allowing the user to see if everyone’s on top of their tasks makes everyone more accountable.  

Weekdone has a free plan, but more tools are available for upgrading to a monthly schedule.  You can read all about Weekdone here: 

Way of Life App 

The Way of Life app is perfect for setting goals in 2022.  This app is your best bet for anyone who needs a push to create healthy habits.  

You start Way of Life by making a list of habits you’re trying to break or start.  After that, the app will remind you daily to ensure you’re following your intentions.  These tasks are color-coded intuitively: green indicates a completed goal, and red indicates an incomplete one.  There are many parts to customize with your goals, including deadlines and reminders.  

The Way of Life app has everything that’ll get your habits aligned next year.  See more about the app here: 


Sometimes the brain needs a little tricking to get all of our tasks done.  But what if the gimmick is to make your life into a video game?  

LifeRPG takes gamer language and a high-tech layout to make task-completing more exciting.  First off, the goals that you set are known as “missions.”  The missions include three parameters (difficult, fear, and urgency) that you can customize. The difficulty parameter is for explaining how tough the task is to complete. The fear parameter indicates the level of anxiousness you feel about a specific goal. Completing a mission means winning a number of points, just like in a video game. 

Inject some fun into your New Year’s resolution with LifeRPG: 


One of the most downloaded meditation apps, Headspace has plenty to offer for improving the mind and spirit.  

First off, meditation is proven to lower anxiety and help manage stress.  There are guided meditations on the app that are perfect for people on the go.  The ten-minute sessions are great for beginners and workaholics; thirty-minute and hour-long sessions are also available for more experienced yogis.  

If improving sleep is on your 2022 wishlist, Headspace is here to help.  This app is ready to get your sleep cycle in check with bedtime stories, relaxing music, and before-bed exercises.  

Headspace is available for monthly or yearly subscriptions.  Check out the website for their subscription deals and more:


A more emotional take on self-improvement, the Happier app is designed to make a habit of self-reflection.  

For some, working is so time-consuming that checking in emotionally never occurs.  Simply understanding our mood, and appreciating the little things, can drastically improve our livelihood.      

In Happier, joy and satisfaction are skills you can achieve.  With holistic self-evaluations, the app assesses your happiness and offers advice on accomplishing your goals.  Happier is also known to send you inspiring quotes throughout the day, reminding you of your mindfulness goals.  

It’s a fantastic app if you’re looking to track your goals and boost your mood.  Find out more about Happier and The Happier Project here: 

Accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves is beyond challenging.  In the 21st century, there are luckily plenty of options to guide us on our self-improvement journey.  2022 will be a year of resolutions, and this list of apps will get you there with swiftness and ease.